Friday, January 29, 2010

Confessions of a Blogsentee

So my silence is there anyone out there still reading? Can I get a witness?

I've coined a new term "blogsentee". It is a term referring to one who takes frequent blogging sabbaticals. These hiatuses can vary in length from a few weeks to several months depending on the blogger's motivation, availability and inspiration. I confess I'm a blogsentee. I admit it. It's finally out there. Now I can sleep again at night. I won't bore you with excuses for my lack of posting, but will only whet your appetite for a strong 2010. Maybe even attempting to post once a quarter, or make that at least a semi-annual post. I'm not one to set myself up for failure, so I'll set the bar low. Think of this blog like a "white sale". White sales only happen a couple times a year because one doesn't need new towels every few weeks, but twice a year a new washcloth or a bath mat is just what the doctor ordered.

More to come...sometime between now and July :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Summer Fun

The summer is flying by and we are enjoying every moment. We went on a family vacation with my family (the Carrells) to Branson in June. We loved it!

Then Father's Day rolled around and we got to celebrate the amazing daddy that Jon is to sweet Jane.

Jane's birthday was next on the 4th of July. I was impressed how the nation really stepped up to the plate to celebrate her big day--fireworks across the United States! Grandma and Grandpa Feekes and Grandma Carrell and Pop-Pop Carrell came to St. Louis to join our celebration.

What an amazing year it's been! Jane we love you so much!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Spring Has Sprung

"There is a season, turn, turn...." Indeed, spring has sprung. At such a time of new life, warm weather, bright colors and freshness one's heart turns to blogging. And, being the devoted blogger that I am, I felt it appropriate to compose the Spring edition of Life with Jane.

Much has happened since our last post. Jane continues to grow and thrive. We took our first airplane trip in February to visit Grandma and Grandpa in Iowa and to meet baby Joci for the first time. My sister in law, Amy and Joci drove to Iowa to meet us, and we had so much fun. The cousins were immediate buddies. It was awesome family time together!
In March Amy, baby Joci and Grandma Feekes visited our place in St. Louis--more fun family time. Lizzie was also very entertained by Amy's dogs Moose and Bailey.

April came, and our church (City Church) had its inaugural service on Easter Sunday. It was great! Also that month Jane got her first two teeth--what a big girl!

At the beginning of May Jane and I made another trip--this time a road trip to Springfield to spend a week with my parents. We enjoyed our time with Pop-Pop and Grandma. Then two of my brothers came with their families for Mother's Day weekend. All of the ladies in the family enjoyed a special Mother's Day Tea. Jane is always up for a good tea party. Warm weather is now here, and we are loving the outdoors. Jane and I love to talk walks in the park especially with our friends in the neighborhood. We're looking forward to a fun summer. I'll keep you posted!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lizzie and Jane

Hello everyone!

We just had snow, and it was one of those slow falling, picturesque kind of snow falls.

Hope you all are doing well and enjoying the new year. It has been an exciting January. Regardless of political leanings it was quite something to watch the sights and sounds of our new president. Jane has begun eating new types of food: home made baby food: mushy peas...yum:) and lots of oatmeal. We are also adjusting to life with a three legged dog. That's right. Lizzie, our golden retriever, had her right front leg removed after a recurrence of cancer. She is actually getting along fine, making her way up the stairs in our house (we have many) and figuring out what life is like with a disability.

Have a great week. Love Jon, Heather & Jane

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas and New Year

Our dog Lizzie sharing some space with Jane

Springfield scavenger hunt...visiting Abe Lincoln

We continue...I wanted to update everyone that a new milestone was reached...I turned 30 on January 2. It was a fun and adventurous day as I went sky diving, sang karaoke, ate pancakes at 1 AM at the local diner, the usual weekend.

Actually I was able to spend the day with Jon and Jane, shopping, seeing down town St. Louis, and relaxing at home together as a family. Jon even made a delicious birthday cake and Jane gave me her first card and present. What I have learned is Thirty is the new twenty:)

Happy Holidays

Christmas Morning with Grandma Carrell

Jane's digging in and checking out what she got.

I spy...

Baptism dress. It was wonderful to have family
present to share in this moment.

Showing off her spunk

Baptism - surrounded by family: Parents,
grand parents, and great grandparents!

Christmas dinner in Iowa with Grandpa

Grandma Feekes

We arrived in Sioux Center Iowa to celebrate Thanksgiving & Christmas! Jane really put on a show...she was practicing her smiles and giggles.
This Holiday Season we were able to spend time with family over Thanksgiving and Christmas.

This post is just a brief summary of the past few months.
Over Thanksgiving we traveled to Iowa to see Jon's family. It was a wonderful trip, Jane did so well and we were able to see the the Feekes family. We also enjoyed Christmas together. To cap off the Thanksgiving weekend, everyone traveled down to St. Louis for Jane's baptism. We are so glad grandparents and great grandparents were able to join us.

Christmas was met with much anticipation and we were excited. Jon, Jane and I traveled to my parents and enjoyed several days of celebrating, playing games, and visiting with family. The week even included a suprise scavenger hunt around Springfield on board the Springfield trolley.

2008 was filled with many blessings. God is faithful and we look forward to 2009. Happy New Year!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Harvest Party and so much more...

We took Jane to the annual Greentree Harvest Party. We decided to go with a family farming theme. This year we had an amazing crop!

Jane has had a busy week. First she donned her first Halloween costume and made her appearance at the Harvest Party. Then she visited my pals at CID. And finally she hosted her very first brunch. What a gal!